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When your client is constantly on the move, you cannot afford to tie your business down only to traditional contact points. Your team  customers expect access to information, systems, reports, games, applications - anywhere, anytime. At Sohamcore, we have developed a large knowledge pool and expertise on how to leverage mobile phones as delivery end points to provide this access. Our solutions help map your presence to mobile devices across various platforms.

Mobile Websites

Different mobile platforms impose their own parameters on the end-users browsing experience. To convey a seamless experience and ensure that the highest levels of security and usability are provided, we develop mobile interfaces for websites that adapt to the constraints of browsing from a mobile device.

Mobile Applications

Custom applications provided to your consumers, team members or other stakeholders can add considerable value to your brand. We bring to the table cross-platform mobile application development capabilities along with the ability to understand your requirements in context and take complete control of the process of developing and delivering a powerful, intuitive application that addresses your chosen audiences need to perfection.