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An Offshore Development Team (ODT) is a team formed as per our customers’ unique development and business requirements. It functions from our Offshore Development Center in India on the basis of a fixed monthly fee. It is a low cost alternative to rapidly scale up / down your teams based on varying business needs. Sohamcore is experienced and capable of providing a highly talented dedicated offshore team of professionals fully equipped with required infrastructure to execute your software designing and development.
Following are the major advantages we offer as part of the ODT model:

25 to 60 % cost saving as compared to on site teams
ODT project results in significant cost savings for our clients. You save overall project cost in the following ways:
- Utilizing low cost and highly talented resource pool of India
- Utilization of Sohamcore’ state of the art infrastructure for no extra cost
- Reduction in overall communication expenditure
- Reduction of all the over-head costs associated with the execution of a project

Upto 30% reduction in time to market through ready availability of resources
We help you rapidly scale up / down your project teams through ready availability of high quality resources that match with your requirements. This helps you significantly cut down on time to market for your solutions.

3 tier IPR protection – Legal, Physical and Logical
At Sohamcore we are committed to protecting your IPR. Through our 3 tier IPR protection – Legal, Physical and Logical you can be rest assured that your IPR are completely protected when you choose Sohamcore as your outsourcing partner.

Single outsourcing partner for all your technology needs
Through our huge depth and wide breadth of technology expertise, our clients can satisfy all their technology needs through a single partner. We offer services in the specialized domains of Mobile Applications, Telecom & Embedded and on a wide variety of advanced technology platforms like MS .NET, JAVA, and Open-source.

Direct control over resources and the entire process
We provide you with full control of the team and the entire project execution. Thus, you have better visibility and control to mitigate any risks encountered during the project execution.

Easy communication via versatile means during convenient business hours
Sohamcore uses latest communication methods and tools that enable you to have realtime communication with your offshore team at our premises.

Specialists with necessary qualifications for you
In ODT, we short list only those candidates who best match your requirements in terms of skill sets and qualifications so that you are able to choose the best team.

Dedicated staff, just an extension of your in-house staff
An Offshore Development Team works exclusively for you as per your project’s requirements. The team interacts directly with you with complete transparency.

Working hours advantage for US and European customers
Since we have our Offshore Development Center in India, we have an advantage of working hours when we work for our US and European clients. You always have an option of either executing the project round the clock or according to your working hours.