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Migration and Porting


Sohamcore Technologies offers porting and migration services across multiple platforms. Our services allow transformation across diverse design architectures, technologies and design approaches to optimize system performance and increase system applicability.

Application Migration and Porting requires special and distinctive know-how. We have an expert team to deal with the typical cross-platform compatibility challenges that arise during porting.

With expertise on various major legacy platforms, we follow a proven and tested methodology for porting and migration. Our value proposition would help you see the difference.

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Sohamcore' Migration Assessment
Our Migration Assessment portfolio includes:
  • Providing a comprehensive inventory of all impacted modules and functionalities well in time
  • Defining migration issues by count and severity
  • Outlining a delivery plan to complete the migration
  • Performing detailed testing, debugging and extending implementation support



Sohamcore’ Migration Strategy

Our Migration Methodology includes:
  • Access the logic trapped inside legacy systems using our specialist know-how
  • Divide the problem into manageable chunks to mitigate risk
  • Dissect the functionality inside legacy systems by conducting Function Point analysis
  • Taking a selective approach based on customized requirements to enhance, rewrite, or replace functionality and help our clients revitalize their legacy applications to support today's business and technology needs

Committed to delivering fully-integrated solutions, our ability to maximize the utility of reusable components enables faster execution of our migration projects.

Trust Sohamcore to help you move to newer technologies and greater efficiency.