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Sohamcore Global Solutionscan provide onsite, online, or phone support for our solutions as well as other Open Source products our customers are using.
Support for Open Source applications is not only readily available, but it is often vastly superior to the support provided by proprietary vendors. To provide maximum flexibility, Sohamcore Global Solutionsoffers a range of support options:

  • Long-term technical support through our own resources
  • Primary technical support through the Open Source platform vendor
  • Community support alternatives

This range of support options, combined with the direct access customers have to Open Source code itself, ensures faster, more complete support than is currently available with proprietary applications.
Support features include:

  • Maintenance and support for all solutions deployed by Sohamcore Global Solutionsteam
  • Limited support for all solutions NOT deployed by Sohamcore Global Solutionsteam
  • Support via phone, email, and/or Web
  • Expert technical support
  • Product bug and patch update notifications
  • Training and consulting discounts

Sohamcore Global Solutions Support benefits:

  • Assistance during every stage of the application lifecycle from design and development, through testing and deployment, to ongoing management and monitoring
  • Reduced business and technical risks, enabling effective utilization of our customers' resources
  • A greater success rate for Open Source-based projects


Sohamcore Global Solutions maintenance plan and process involves attention to maintain timely upgrades, defect tracking, performance and quality measurements, industry standards along with various other factors that help organizations insure their Open Source deployment. Maintenance plays a crucial role for project to reduce future risks and overheads.
Sohamcore Global Solutions Maintenance Benefits:

  • Adapt to the changing and evolving business needs
  • Restore or rollback modifications that can affect the status quo of existing system
  • Manage Performance Efficiency
  • Take advantage of existing assets to increase re-use of process
  • Enable technology innovation without affecting other systems